Saturday, January 22, 2011


That started it, this will be a little more *(*^&% then my other blogs.


1. Stop unemployment "INSURANCE" payments
A. Workers AND employers pay the Government to "INSURE" and hedge for unemployment.

2. Stop unemployment "INSURANCE" payments, because we are paying people NOT TO WORK. ????
A. Have you ever been unemployed and had to live on 1/4 of the income you had??

3. Social Security
A. Try living on that!!!!!

4. OK! let's look at the over all;

5. I just stumbled on this at;

"The economy has been weak for far longer than you might think. Things went wrong a quite a long time ago and nobody really noticed. The Average Duration of Unemployment (UEMPMEAN) was a quiet, unseen warning beacon that all was not well.

From the 1950's through to the 1970's, it could take you as little as 7.5 weeks to find a new job during the 'boom' periods of an economic cycle. Then something snapped somewhere in the system. From the 1970's onwards it began to take longer and longer to find a new job and a new rising trend was put in place. From recession to recession (grey bars) life became quite a bit tougher.

Between the first (1) and second (2) recessions in the 1970's the time it took to find a job increased a serious 33% from 7.5 weeks to 10 weeks during the BEST OF TIMES. By the time the first recession in the 1980's (3) hit, the average duration of unemployment had jumped about 10% from 10 weeks to about 11 weeks. Here the amplitude of each cycle high and low exploded, maxing out at an astonishing 20 weeks. Almost 10 years later, just prior to the 1990's recession (4) it took about 12 weeks to find a job, a 9% increase. Then by the time the Tech Bubble finally burst in early 2000, it took over 12.5 weeks to find a job.

However, the worst was yet to come."

I have gone through this!! and still am reviewing.

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