Thursday, January 27, 2011


We could start with BLM

Steve Gillman says;

"RV camping, or "boondocking" is growing in popularity. In fact, the BLM has begun to establish special areas for longer stays, particularly in Arizona. A permit fee is around $140 now, but this allows you to stay up to six months, and you get pump stations, dumpsters and water. People are living in some of these areas. It's cheaper than paying property taxes or rent for a lot to park on.

RV camping is common in Winter in Arizona. One of the largest gatherings of "boondockers" is in Quartzite. Several hundred thousand people spend at least part of the year in their RVs here. It's near the California border, on Interstate 10, only 20 miles from the Colorado River. Surrounded by BLM lands, Quartzite is famous for gem shows, swap meets, and the multiplying of its population each winter.

If you ask around when you are in the desert southwest, you'll find there are RV communities that form every winter. Some of these temporary towns like "Slab City" in California, have bookstores, grocery vendors, and other businesses run by RVers. Once summer returns, these boondock communities disappear, and reappear again the following winter."

You could go to Quartzite, AZ - 1,900 people / 876 feet above sea level. To me in AZ I would like to be a little higher (no pun!!), but this is getting close.

OH! Yeh!! to one on my first order of absolute needs WATER!! - The report is there is 4(FOUR) inches a year. How much LAND would you need to keep you UNparched?? You may be able to find other sources to water your whiskey.

OH!! YEH!! There are opals around there. --- shades of Coober Pedy!!

Opals are mined in Coober Pedy. As the miners dig they use the opening for living quarters. They get out of the surface heat. But where so they get the WATER?? - I will have into look into that.

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