Friday, January 28, 2011


Ok Boomers (I prefer that to the "elderly") most of your stories are close to mine. I just got back from the Realtor to "short sell" my house. I still work eight hours a day - on getting another job, or creating a business. Still the "hand writing on the wall" seems clear.
76 million of us were born between 1945 and 1964 and we were tagged “BABY BOOMERS”. There are not as many of us in 2011 and some have done well and some have not.
I do notice that most of us are doing this alone, albeit with a spouse (partner or what-ever).
It seems those of us that fall into the “have not” group need to remember when we cal together to get things done. It seems we need to “commune” together and change society again, if only our part it.
Just a thought BOOMER COMMUNES!!!!
PS ya know the Amish stay together maybe we need to “COME TOGETHER” (seems I have heard that phrase put to music)

We could go to SLAB CITY -NO RENT NO WATER (or limited) no 'lectric (or limited)
and I hear a lot about anarchy???

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