Monday, February 28, 2011


Well I an trying to get my trailer out of the shop.

2005 Fleetwood PROWLER REGAL AX6
OK! They lost the tankless company address.



Well I'm trying to get my trailer out of the shop.
2005 Fleetwood PROWLER REGAL AX6

Friday, February 25, 2011


The Texas Hil Country has held an affection in my heart for decades. It seems that I am going to the "back side" in a few weeks.

A little dramatic, but gets the emotion across.

I am corresponding with these sites to get something going.

I try to get s little aquaponic system set up.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

BOOMERS AND Aquaponics

This is something I wanted to do since before the first Mother Earth News.
This system usea a tenth of the water required by soil based farming.
Wikipedia definition;
"Aquaponics (pronounced: /ˈækwəˈpɒnɨks/) is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a a symbiotic environment. In the aquaculture, effluents accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity for the fish. This water is led to a hydroponic system where the by-products from the aquaculture are filtered out by the plants as vital nutrients, after which the cleansed water is recirculated back to the animals. The term aquaponics is a portmanteau of the terms aquaculture and hydroponic." This would be especially good if the land is dryland.

We might still like electric power and we might get. at least some for "earth batteries". The first earth battery was built by Alexander Bain in 1841 - oph! what about the "Baghdad Battery"?
Terracotta pot approximately 5 in tall containing a copper cylinder made of a rolled-up copper sheet, which houses a single iron rod. The iron rod was isolated from the copper by bitumen stopper, and both rod and cylinder fit snugly inside the opening of the jar. This is vary similar to the earth battery, albeit on a much smaller scale.

The Baghdad Battery or Parthian Battery seem to have been used in the time of Jesus Christ.

Need to look into the Earth Battery more!!

If you are wondering how this post got to batteries,  We need to have electric to power the submersible pump to cyrculate the water from the fish to the plants.  It's gravity feed though the plants to the fish.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The land is found, shelter is found, water is found, but the land is rocky limestone.

It won't grow much!!

how 'bout;

Spirulina - 65 to 71 percent protein, one of the earliest organisms and considered an estremeaphyl
eight essential amino acids are found in Spirulina:

* ISOLEUCINE (4.130/o): Required for optimal growth, intelligence development and nitrogen equilibrium in the body Used to synthesize other non-essential amino acids.
* LEUCINE (5.8001o): Stimulator of brain function, increases muscular energy levels.
* LYSINE (4.000/o): Building block of blood antibodies, strengthens circulatory system and maintains normal growth of cells.
* METHIONINE (2.170/o): Vital lipotropic (fat and lipid metabolizing) amino acid that maintains liver health. An anti-stress factor, it calms the nerves.
* PHENYLALANINE (3.950/o): Required by the thyroid gland for production of thyroxine which stimulates metabolic rate.
* THREONINE (4.170/o): Improves intestinal competence and digestive assimilation.
* TRYPTOPHANE (1.1301o): Increases utilization of B vitamins,improves nerve health and stability of the emotions. Promotes sense of calm.
* VALINE (6.0001o): Stimulates mental capacity and muscle coordination.

Spirulina can be grown in a ten gallon aquarium.

Take out all the stuff inside and save it (it can be used). Put in a sunny place and fill with water.
Put in the Spirulina, you should let set for a day son the chlorine will evaporate (this assumes you are using a public water supply).

There are place to buy Spirulina.
Instead of listing now I want to move on to a couple other points.

You have the LAND, SHELTER. WATER. With water you can also do hydroponics in poor soil. You can grow in 2 liter salvaged coke bottles, buckets and so on.

Al this while you are creating terra preta in a trainable area.
From Wikipedia;
"Terra preta (literally “black earth” in Portuguese) is a type of very dark, fertile anthropogenic soil found in the Amazon Basin. Terra preta owes its name to its very high charcoal content, and was indeed made by adding a mixture of charcoal, bone, and manure to the otherwise relatively infertile Amazonian soil, and stays there for thousands of years.[1] [2] It is also known as “Amazonian dark earth” or “Indian black earth”.:
Left - a nutrient-poor oxisol; right - an oxisol transformed into fertile terra preta

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Eileen Marcus says on
"Of California’s unemployed total, 22% are boomers with little hope of finding work. One former engineer is happy to finally get a sales floor job … with Target. Another former analyst is living in a friend’s brother’s bonus room; and another rummaging in trash bins for food. One food bank has gone from several thousand bags of food distributed to over 32,000 with many of those former mid to upper level executives."

We need to get together!!!!


Jaque Fresco has an interesting idea in his Venus Project.

His renderings are nice. His concept for society is similar similar to communes, Intentional Communities and social coops. But, although intriguing, has flaws.

Scott, of Communities International e Mailed me this information;
"According to government statistics about 48% of boomers have no retirement
funds at all....that was before the markets crashed and homes lost half
their value."

I have also heard in may now be up to 78%

Most of us BOOMERS have been independent all our lives. I think we need to "join our fortunes together" - what little we have and become as self sufficient as possible. Workin and helping eachother.

Friday, February 18, 2011


TIMING!!! This is a good time to be a BOOMER. Everything we saved has lost its value. The DOW is almost to 12,400.
And gold is just over 1,389.

Well that's good, since 40 years ago I thought real estate was the way to go. He wasent making more land and we were making more people.

Real estate is still good, but it plopped and burst as I BOOMERED OUT. Now I can not wait for it to recover.

Anyone with cash now should go to real estate (good real estate)

Thursday, February 17, 2011



"The Fed Does NOT Print Money
Posted on November 4, 2010 by admin

According to Felix Salmon:

…the central bank can simply print as much money as it likes. If it wanted, it could literally go down to the local printing press, print out a bunch of $100 bills, put them in armored trucks, and send them over to JP Morgan or whoever sold them those Treasury bonds.

In the US, the central bank doesn’t print money, the US Treasury does (US Mint + BEP)*, here is how it works:

The Federal Reserve Banks distribute new currency for the U.S. Treasury Department, which prints it."


How Much Has the Fed Lost?

"The Federal Reserve has spent over one trillion dollars buying mortgage backed securities, so-called toxic assets. How much are these assets worth? It's a simple question but one that is exceedingly difficult to answer not the least because the Fed has resisted being audited in defense of its so-called independence. One might say the Fed's actions have been hidden behind a veil of independence."

Chrysler Group LLC (pronounced /ˈkraɪslər/) is an American multinational automaker headquartered in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Chrysler was first organized as the Chrysler Corporation in 1925."

I put this from WIKIPEDIA;
"On June 10, 2009, Chrysler Group LLC emerged from a Chapter 11 reorganization and announced a plan for a partnership with Italian automaker Fiat. Fiat holds a 25% stake in the new company, with an option to increase its stake to 35%, and up to 51%, if it meets financial and developmental goals for the company.[9] Fiat's stake cannot go beyond 49% until the government has been paid back in full."

I put this out to give an "out" for what I an seeing.

To give a quasi Nom de plume - i will call it the Illuminati.

I had had a Taiwanese friend that saw the UPPERS and called the "the smart guys"

This tag seems appropriate for this discussion.

" * 1797
o 3 Years
o Caused by gold-based deflation in Britain hitting US economy
o Price failures

The Bank of England was unable to maintain specie payments during that country’s war with France. This produced a cascade effect of currency shortages that easily crossed to the trade-based economy of the United States, where it caused massive inability to pay debt and lack of capital investment.
* 1807
o 6 Years
o Caused by Trade restriction, in effect protectionism, exacerbated by the disbanding of the Bank of the United States, its first central bank
o a ballooning of debt, and subsequent failures
o snowballing unemployment
o Key trigger for the War of 1812

In response to abuses by France and Great Britain, Thomas Jefferson committed the greatest mistake of his career, bringing the US economy crashing down in economic depression. His attempts to ban all foreign trade left Americans unemployed, glutted with some products and short on others. The end of the country’s first central bank produced its own disruption, right at the moment when the US would have been recovering from the worst of the embargo.

* 1819
Deflation punishes investment and property ownership, attacking capitalism at its roots

Deflation punishes investment and property ownership, attacking capitalism at its roots
o Two Years
o Caused by contraction of money by the Second Bank of the US
o Credit crisis
o Deflation
o Cotton and other price failures

In 1819, the Second Bank of the United States forced a reduction in money supply, creating a credit crisis, forcing downward pricing pressures resulted in a collapse of banks, cotton prices, and prices in general.
* 1832
o Two years
o Caused by contraction of money when the National Bank was shut down by “Hard Money” advocate Andrew Jackson
o Credit crisis
o Price failures
o Massive unemployment
o Bank failures

In 1832, another contraction of credit and money causes a series of bank failures. Part of the lack of money supply was caused by Andrew Jackson shutting down the Second Bank of the United States…akin to shutting down the Fed. Ironically, a longer-term effect of shutting down this second central bank was a bad spate of inflation, as the normal banks struggling to take up the slack printed and loaned their own money, as the Constitution allowed. _____________________________________________________________
* 1836
o Six years
o Caused by new mandate of silver-backed currency creating a money shortage
o Credit failure
o Record unemployment dwarfing 1832
o Bank failures
o Cotton price collapse
o money supply down 58%

In 1836, just a few years later, Jackson’s effort to force the use of “hard money” (gold and silver) produced ANOTHER contraction, causing real estate prices to plummet, as well as prices in general. Remember, suddenly declining prices are as harmful to the economy as rising prices. You don’t get something for nothing. Banks in the 1830s retained a stable ratio of gold to currency…this meant that when the economy grew, the ratio of money to the economy’s wealth plunged, creating negative price tensions that always result in economic failure. Within a year, 1837, yet another price contraction occurred, including cotton price failures, bank failures, an explosion of unemployment (normal with globally falling prices), continued real estate price instability…this gold-caused depression lasted six years, the second longest in US history. _____________________________________________________________
* 1857
o Two years
o Metallic currency causes a cyclical price collapse
o Stock prices collapse
o 900 mercantile firms, in New York alone, fail
o Agricultural prices fail, triggered by a decline of demand form Europe
o Real estate prices collapse
o Significant unemployment increase
o money supply down 23%

In 1857, another cyclical wave of price/money collapse, as is inevitable under a commodity-based currency. Stock prices plunge, banks fail, prices fall…prices fall in almost every gold-based economic depression, because the economy grows but the currency cannot, creating a shortage that forces prices back down, causing rampant unemployment, bank failures, bubble-bursts of whole industries, et cetera. This lasts two years. Oh, by the way, the 1819 collapse lasted two years, too. That’s pretty much the minimum for an economic depression, whereas that would be abnormally long, for a modern recession. _____________________________________________________________
* 1869
o Two years
o Gold directly causes an economic failure
o Gold prices collapse
o Stocks fail
o Rail companies collapse, paralyzing the economy

GreenbackAnother depression. Gold was DIRECTLY at fault for this one: Gold goes through a speculative bubble, suddenly collapsing in price, much like in 1981. This is the famous Black Friday. Gold speculators like the gold bugs you guys have to beware heeding attempted to drive the price up even higher (as they’re trying now), causing the price to spike, then collapse. As in 1981, and as will soon happen again, everyone attempting to invest in gold is pretty much bankrupted. This failure lasted two years. _____________________________________________________________
* 1873
o Either 5 years, or is the start of a 23 year span of economic weakness known as the Long Depression
o Caused, in large part, by a switch to the Gold Standard producing a prolonged money shortage
o Credit collapse
o Banks fail
o Insufficient money even to do normal business/trade, therefore
o 18,000 businesses fail

After only two years of economic recovery, DEFLATION itself directly causes a FIVE year depression. Credit collapses, banks fail, as do over ten thousand businesses (remember, the population of the US was a fraction of what it is, today, so that’s even worse than it sounds). This was caused, in part, by the attempt to “reign in” money supply, to synchronize it more tightly with gold. _____________________________________________________________
* 1893
o 3 years (or else, it’s the final throw of the Long Depression started by gold in 1873)
o A shortage of gold creates a deflation of the US Dollar, causing the usual economic depression
o 500 banks fail
o 18% unemployment
o commodity prices collapse, including steel, grain, cotton, and timber
o 15,000 businesses fail

A return to a metal-based currency sets off another depression, the worst one until the Great Depression (which was, itself, actually a series of two depressions, the 1929 depression having gone into recovery in late 1932, and then failed under the idiotic minstrations of FDR). This depression starts with a contraction of credit, a run on banks (which is common when people expect money to be backed by metal) over 500 of which fail, the collapse of the stock market (this happened in 1869, too, forgot to mention that), then the failure of SIXTEEN THOUSAND businesses. It lasts four years…three times longer than a bad post-metal recession. But it’s also deeper and harder than the previous six year depression, making it our second worst.

* 1901
Because of the worry that dollars leaving the country would create a domestic currency shortage, in the late 19th century countries often coined separate money for foreign trade, like this US Trade Dollar

Because of the worry that dollars leaving the country would create a domestic currency shortage, in the late 19th century countries often coined separate money for foreign trade, like this US Trade Dollar
o 1 year
o Declining money supply meets rising stock market
o Stock market collapse

The US strictly adopts the gold standard, producing yet another price contraction, shattering the stock market (makes our current stock decline seem like a golden age). Bank failures, economic malaise that spread globally - the US is an economic superpower already, though people don’t realize it yet, and their foolishly metal-based business cycle hurts everyone. _____________________________________________________________
* 1907
o A shortage of money supply caused yet another disaster
o Bank failures, nationwide
o Stock failure, loss of over 50% of value

As money supply contracted, J.P. Morgan convinced various wealthy New York bankers to act as a private Federal Reserve, shoring up the banking system, and halting this economic failure…note that it worked better than any government-mandated monetary rescue before or since, including those by the Federal Reserve, FDIC, or the recent $700,000,000,000 bailout. Recognition of the dangers of an unmanaged metal currency, and the power of an influx of money to fight economic depression, resulted in an unfortunate swing to the other extreme as a “solution”: The founding of the Federal Reserve System. _____________________________________________________________
* 1920
o 2 years
o The Federal Reserve draws down money supply, exacerbating the economic failure caused by WWI and increasing socialist control of national economies worldwide
o Banks fail
o Stock market crashes
o Prices plummet

Government centralization of economies during WWI resulted in worldwide economic weakness, but with a new player: the Federal Reserve, founded in 1913, suddenly began tightening money supply. Because money was still based upon gold, this did not result in a modern recession in the US, but an actual economic depression. This economic failure was credited with the defeat of Woodrow Wilson’s successor, James Cox, in the 1920 election.

On the other hand, this depression was abnormally short, primarily because the Harding administration’s response was NOT more government intervention, “stimulus” programs, Keynesian economics, but simply to leave their hands off and let the correction happen.
* 1929
When money deflates, people choose to just hold onto it, starving the marketplace and causing a spiral of ever more deflation

When money deflates, people choose to just hold onto it, starving the marketplace and causing a spiral of ever more deflation
o 11 years
o The Federal Reserve draws down money supply, right when banks are needing it to serve its function of providing liquidity, causing massive failures
o Banks fail
o Stock market crashes
o Depressionary spiral
The Great Depression was not, initially, all that great. It was deep, but was of a normal length, with two quarters of recovery by the end of 1932. Unfortunately, while FDR campaigned on balancing the budget, cutting government spending, regulation, and taxes, he actually expanded all of those things, enagaging in “stimulus” activity that caused the depression to drag on another eight years. One major factor in its eventual recovery was the ending of the gold standard in 1933.


In 1933, the US removed the dollar from the gold standard. Starting with its first recession in 1948, and going through 2007, the US — no longer strongly dependent upon the value of metal commodities for the value of its currency — did not suffer the severity of depressions, but instead tended to have relatively minor economic recessions when the Federal Reserve suddenly raised interest rates, causing a contraction of GDP growth.

* 1948
o 18 months
o Sharp inflation, except for:
o Decline in commodity prices
o Increased employment: 3.5% unemployment

The Federal Reserve suddenly cut interest rates, as the economic damage of WWII was being fully realized.
* 1953
o 12 months
o Moderate increase in unemployment
o GDP dropped by 6% in one quarter
o 6% unemployment

In 1952, the Federal Reserve contracted the money supply, which led to an economic recession, aggravated by the realization of the economic damage caused by the Korean War — Wars are always bad for economies, but this is usually not revealed until the war ends.
* 1957
o 8 months
o 7.5% unemployment
o 9% GDP decline
o Price inflation

The Federal Reserve again raised rates and cut money supply. Because of the economic dominance of the US, this recession spread across the whole globe.
* 1960
o 10 months
o 6.9% unemployment
o 5.7% inflation
o Decline in goods production

Very minor downturn, on the heels of yet another sudden rate hike by the Fed. Largely confined to an increase in unemployment and inflation, like most recessions.
* 1969
o 11 months
o Moderate unemployment
o Decline in GNP
o Decline in goods production
* 1973
o 16 months
o 8.7% unemployment
o 12.2% inflation
o Dramatic decline in goods production and investment
o 11.2% interest rate

Economic upheaval caused by the end of the Breton Woods accord, the scandal and resignation of Richard Nixon, and the massive increase in oil prices caused by the OPEC embargo, produced one of the most significant recessions of the post-gold era, leading to prolonged stagflation.
* 1980
o 6 months
o 7.8% unemployment
o 12.2% inflation
o Significant investment decline
o 20% interest rate

After the end of the official recession in 1975, the economy never reached its normal economic growth, in part because of continued high oil prices, price controls unsuccessfully placed on oil that caused shortages of supply, massive increases in government regulation and spending, and price inflation caused by the high oil prices combining with the Federal Reserve’s expansion of money. By 1980, it was attempting to cut money supply again, and this era of “stagflation” climaxed in another, very short, official recession.
* 1981
o 16 months
o 10.8% unemployment
o 12.2% inflation
o Dramatic investment decline
o 21.5% interest rate

The dramatic economics changes of the Reagan administration (and the end of the Carter administration, who actually started the process, for example “deregulating” banking), albeit good in the long run, exacerbated the symptoms of stagflation in the short-term, especially a dramatic tightening by the Fed, leading to a rapid and dramatic economic downturn.
* 1991
o 8 months
o 6.1% unemployment
o 6.5% inflation
o 11.2% interest rate

Tax hikes, a spike in oil prices, significant interest rate hikes and Fed tightening, a general reversal of “Reaganomics” with the expansion of government under the Bush administration, the bailout of the Savings and Loan industry by the Federal government, preserving bad debt and inefficient businesses, the Gulf War, and other factors led to this significant, and persistent economic downturn, which was no longer officially a recession in 1992 or 1994, but was still a stagnant economy leading to two dramatic upset elections.
* 2001
o 8 months
o 6% unemployment
o 1% inflation
o 6.5% interest rate
o Prolonged stock market downturn

Ongoing Fed tightening, on the theory that economic growth is always and must be stopped, had led to a dramatic stock market decline starting in 2000. The spike in oil prices, expansion of government, and direct economic disruption caused by the 9-11 attacks exacerbated this already-building downturn, producing a relatively short “recession”, that did not actually include two quarters of official shrinkage, followed by a prolonged period of relatively slow economic growth, in which, for example, the Stock Market never actually recovered to its previous levels (which, historically, it had almost always done within two years of a decline). A decade later, the stock market still had not resumed normal rates of growth, despite occasionally having “record” gains that simply made up this or that part of the previous losses, yet never made significant new ground.



* 2007
We face, as was normal during the days of the gold standard, massive bank runs, a credit freeze, price failures

We face, as was normal during the days of the gold standard, massive bank runs, a credit freeze, price failures
o ongoing
o 9.4% unemployment
o 1% deflation
o Bank failures
o Commodity price collapse
o Bank failures

While the economy never fully returned to normal economic growth, it staggered along for several years, but by 2007 the pressure of ever-increasing oil prices, years of increased government regulation, two voluntary wars, and enormous new “foreign aid” spending added up to a currency shortage that produced the first economic depression since 1938."

This list is form

OK so in the MONETARY SYSTEM there are fictionalizations.

Thsoe tha understand this can benefit, and most of us are "SQUEEZED" - MORE TO THE TOP - MORE TO THE BOTTOM - LESS TO THE MIDDLE!!!



in my research I found this
and other denominations. It is legal to print your OWN money in the USA!!!?? Amazing!!

Maybe Texas ought to print its own money!?!
Article: Austin, Texas, Stores Swapping Dollars for New Local Currency.(Originated from Austin American-Statesman, Texas)

Thumbnail6:35Add toAdded to queue
Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 1 of 12
Say, start with this
and look at all 12. Does this sound familial??

Maybe I should quit doing research. This is getting scary!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


if the land acquired in inn the Hill Country of Texas ground will be mostly limestone and caliche. Although good for foundations and road base, not to good for gardening.

May be we could start with
Could be a source of Omega 3 also.

Then develop the raised bed systems.


Well there are a few places - west Texas?? Like to visit!!

40 ACRE LOT $148PER/MO and others similar. But that' FAR WEST TEXAS. Its "FAR" from anything. This is the last in a twenty parcel section.

Maybe a little closer in;

There is a group at
that might be interesting.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well it takes a community.  I think especially for the BROKE BOOMERS. "intentional villages"  and "Communities International" are ways BOOMERS can get together and share their knowledge and experience to create a sustainable existence for the group, both ecological and economic existence.
Maybe like

OR Findhorn Scotland


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;
Findhorn Ecovillage is an experimental architectural community project based at The Park, in Moray, Scotland, near the village of Findhorn. The project's main aim is to demonstrate a sustainable development in environmental, social, and economic terms. Work began in the early 1980s under the auspices of the Findhorn Foundation but now includes a wide diversity of organisations and activities. Numerous different ecological techniques are in use, and the project has won a variety of awards, including the UN-Habitat Best Practice Designation in 1998.'

And EcoVillage at Ithaca. Which has Three Cohousing Neighborhoods.

And closer to home, Dancing Rabbit an ecovillage near Rutledge, Missouri, USA.

The word COMMUNE could be CO-OP. That might sound more comfortable.
and ECO Village should be ECOLOGIC and ECONOMIC.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


While looking for employment I came across some articles that point out some of the tribulations of BOOMERS.    I felt some were so right on that I needed to repeat them and I have given tribute to the writers.
"...EBRI found that 47 percent of the early boomers, now 56 to 62 and nearing retirement age, are likely to exhaust their retirement savings."

There are many reasons for this, and not just this account, but also other savings and asset accounts.

, Dec 17, 2009
HITS IT!! I NEEDED TO REPRINT THIS I made some notes in ( []);

"Thirty pounds ( I did give some of this back [blogger]), ten years, one decent job, and one wife ago, you were at the top of your game. You were aging nicely, distinctive and refined, so they said. Just enough wisdom to be admired and still enough sex appeal...( then the cancer operation[blogger]).

While you were putting your kids through college, life came crashing down around your comfortable shoes (in my case boots). Just as you made your last tuition payment, .... It was time to rethink your retirement plans. That little log cabin on the lake (for summer living), began to look like a rented mobile home in a retirement park in FL, year 'round.

It all happened so fast. Someone, somewhere, decided to down-size by cutting your job. You're broke. Your better-half decided you couldn't afford her and left for higher ground. The rest came tumbling down like snow off a pitched roof on a sunny day. It was all so cold, impersonal, frightening, and dangerous.

The bank foreclosed on your mortgage (I am trying a SHORT SALE [blogger]). You found yourself homeless. ........"

She is so close on this I had to repeat it here!!

"Job hunting comes with a secret new pain, age discrimination. They say it doesn't exist, don't believe them. With an economy causing many younger men and women to search for jobs, you aren't exactly the pick of the litter.

You planned to work until age 65, so to maximize your Social Security income amount. Now you're wishing you were, at least, 62 in order to get any amount of Social Security a.s.a.p. and before it runs out. There was no way to plan for this. This isn't your parents' USA anymore."

"While going to dine at a drive-thru (no I can not afford going out[blogger]), You see yourself in the rear view mirror. The wrinkles, no longer a sign of wisdom with age, are now just sagging skin. The graying temples highlight the hairless dome where locks once lived. You are certain nobody's out there looking for you. ..."

Then we have this;
Editorial Question: Boomers' Bust
written by J, April 01, 2010
"How many of those Boomers have just given up and said "Aw, eff it."? After saving since childhood, putting kids through school while caring for aging parents, following endless advice to max the pension, buy a house, etc, Boomers have:
- watched jobs evaporate for anyone over 40,
- seen their 401k's, etc, tank,
- watched the remortgaged (to pay for the kids' school) house sink underwater,
- and many have seen every hard-earned cent vaporize in a major illness, injury, or extended disability - despite the hefty health insurance premiums."

And on this same site
written by David, April 03, 2010

"Oh, and the answer to the question;
get rid of the mortgage and buy a place in a small town with a large area so you can grow vegetables to support the new vegetarian diet."

This is where I am going but, when all your equity/savings has tanked, how do you acquire "a place" to grow vegetables??  We still need the Shelter, Water and Power question resolved.  As independent as most BOOMERs are We will try to do this alone.
So I am back to the BOOMER COMMUNES!!! 

You need to go here, it is to extensive to repeat here

Monday, February 7, 2011


Let's jump ahead ----
If you decide to do an "EARTHSHIP", the inside could look like this --

If you go with a dome -CLICK ON THIS uTUBE POST BELOW "\/"

This whole farm is great!!!

or from

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well if you found your land. Great! If you have an RV or tent, plop it down and determine how to get water and dispose of your used water, gray and black water.
Let's say you have an RV. You have brought water and holding tanks.

Decide on the best location for your permanent dwelling. Do not put it in the wash that looks so green or the excess flow may wash you away. Higher ground is usually better. This also gives you some "head" to move your "waste" water.

Do you want:
A geodesic dome;

OR an "EARTHSHIP" type;

both from;

You could also go with a gerr (yurt)

Such as this one at a state natural area in Oklahoma.

I would probably go with the dome, a little different than shown here


Why rectangular houses????

Well it seem I need to get on the Cherokee a little more.

Wood is straight!!! some what!

Wood WAS abundant,the Cherokee and Norse built rectangular structures due to the abundance of WOOD.

The northern peoples (Inuit, what-ever, built round houses) even the Kivas of SW America were not angular.

I will add to this post --- I have had another epiphany.

This is a Cherokee lodge house. Smaller, but similar the to the "Long House" of the peoples "across the pond".

20 Acres "WITH ELECTRIC" $179 per month, sale price $17,900

Well there is the land!!

This could accommodate four families.

Now we need water.

February 2, 2011 Max Temp Min Temp
Normal (KELP) 60 °F 35 °F
Record (KELP) 76 °F (2003) 8 °F (1985)
Yesterday 43 °F 14 °F

Temperature - Precipitation C | F
Average high in °F 57........63.......69........77.......85.......93
Average low in °F 25.........29.......34........41.......51.......60
Av. precip - in ....0.47......0.39.....0.28......0.28.....0.51.....1.1

Average high in °F 92........90.......85.......77......66......58
Average low in °F 63.........61.......55.......44......32......25
Av. precip- in ....2.13.......2.28.....2.2......1.14....0.43....0.67

Totals and averages
Annual average high temperature...76.1 °F
Annual average low temperature....43.3 °F
Average temperature...............59.7 °F
Average annual precipitation......11.9 in.

You will need to 1. calculate the total precip.11.9 in/yr
.................2. determine the total water usage (the rain water is used as your potable - drinking and bathing, then recycled as gray water to your commode, then the black water to your septic system where it leaches to your outside garden of locate sustainable plants for the area)
.................3. determine the total collection area you will need and prepare a cistern for storage.

Climate Sierra Blanca
Source: U.S. Climate Data