Friday, March 4, 2011


OK! We go the land = well I am still working on it. Then shelter, water, and power.
My research brings me to HYDROGEN!!!! Has an atomic number "1"-----

Woaoaoa!!! Am I missing something here??

H2O - yeah WATER. There is energy in H and O, but combine the properly and these atoms are inert.

So let's split these atoms.

If this could be done the power of hydrogen will give energy.

If the H and the O could be separated there would be power that could be generated.

Whow What an idea!!!!
Well all we need to do is have an - electrolysis - positive and negative


And every body goes HuuHH??
People say this is a battery.!!!! Well fine. Where is the stuff the battery is giving power??

It seems to me that that this is a hydrogen generator. The constant fraking of the H2O gives gives a good power source for illumination.

That gives me some thought about Hanukkah.


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