Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well 2012 12 21 is almost here!!!
That is the winter solstice!

"The current (13th) baktun will end, or be completed, on (December 21, 2012"
This is what the the Mayan calendar shows.  MAN those guys were good!!!  Our contemporary astronomers say the Solar system will align with the center of the galaxy on this date;. 

Even thought I do not agree with the general statement that; (from Wikipedia)
Gravitation, or gravity, is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract each other with a force proportional to their masses. Gravitation is most familiar as the agent that gives weight to objects with mass and causes them to fall to the ground when dropped. Gravitation causes dispersed matter to coalesce, and coalesced matter to remain intact, thus accounting for the existence of planets, stars, galaxies and most of the macroscopic objects in the universe.,

Is a WEAK force(NO).

Tun the less of these points - we are damaging our selves!!!

The last time this happened was 26,000 years ago!!

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