Thursday, October 27, 2011


OK! The VanD's got me off on AC -  (cooling)

 This was the Ozona High School that became the Ozona Elementary school, the I go t a contract to renovate it and turn it into a Middle School.

There is a copula on the top (looks like a bell tower, or little room).

There were three "out" structures.  Each have a tunnel to the main building that attached to a shaft coming down from the copula.

The temperature is hotter at the top.  Sooo!  (The hot air above) would draft up and draw the air from the tunnels (ground temperature is constant [relatively] and cooler than the above (in the summer).

So what would happen is the air would be drawn out of the the copula bring the cooler temperature up through the building.

This cools the classrooms. This project was done the summer - my workers not cool, but comfortable working.

1900 air conditioning!!!!

Again just a thought for you!.

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